Miscarriage Symbols: Emblems & Ways to Honor the Loss of a Child

These miscarriage symbols are widely recognized and used for tattoos, honoring angel babies and for spreading awareness about baby loss.

pregnancy loss symbols to use for art

Those who have been through pregnancy loss know that losing a child leaves an imprint on your heart that never goes away. 

While remembering a loss can be painful sometimes, remembering is also an important part of the healing process after going through a miscarriage. 

Parents often find that displaying certain miscarriage symbols to represent their child, for example as part of a mural or as wall art, is a great way to remember their angel baby and the journey of grief that they’ve taken.

Another great way to use a miscarriage symbol is to get a miscarriage tattoo. These tattoos serve as permanent representations of baby’s life and memory.

Honoring that journey of grief is an important part of the healing journey after going through a pregnancy loss, and displaying a miscarriage symbol on your body is a unique way of extending your angel baby’s memory.

No matter how you choose to use a miscarriage symbol, finding one that speaks to you is the most important thing. For that reason, we have put together a list of baby loss symbols to inspire you on your journey to commemorate your loved & lost.

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Symbols for Miscarriage 

No matter how you decide to honor your loss, we hope that you find a pregnancy loss symbol from our list that means something to you and comforts you during this time of your life. 

Here are the top miscarriage symbols that honor a lost child:

miscarriage symbols like this infinity sign tattoo on a womans back

Angel Wings

Angel wings represent love, spirituality, and ascension. They are also a symbol of protection by the angels who look after your angel baby in Heaven. By wearing angel wings as a miscarriage tattoo or on an item of jewelry, you are keeping your guardian angel close to you wherever you go.

Baby Footprints

Hospitals often make prints of a baby’s footprints as a form of identification and as a keepsake for parents. For this reason, two small baby footprints can be used as a symbol for miscarriage or infant loss. Displaying this symbol, either with a print or tattoo, is a comforting way to honor a loss.   


Rainbows are a common symbol for miscarriage because in many cultures, they represent hope and a promise for better times ahead. Rainbows often appear after a dark storm and signify that something beautiful can happen after something traumatic. For those not ready to give up on their pregnancy journey, a rainbow is a suitable miscarriage symbol of hope.

Setting Sun

A setting sun represents the end of a cycle and calmness after loss. But just like all sunsets, remember that the sun will rise again soon. For those not ready to give up on having a child, a sunset is a miscarriage symbol that shows remembrance for the loss but also hope for the days ahead.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life symbol represents strength and hope during trying times. The branches of the tree grow upwards to the sky, representing that we too grow stronger, striving for greater and better times ahead as we navigate through grief.


A feather symbolizes strength, growth, hope, and freedom. When a bird soars freely in the sky, they are the closest living thing to Heaven.

Some believe that when a feather lands on our path, it is a message from someone who has passed on. Feathers can represent ascension and the flight of a spirit.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol represents anything that is eternal or never-ending, which in this case is a parent’s love for their angel baby. Using the infinity sign as a miscarriage symbol represents an eternity of remembrance and love.


Balloons are often used as a symbol of freedom and remembrance. After death, balloons are used to send messages to Heaven and can represent the act of letting go.

A miscarriage symbol does not always have to be a symbol of remembrance, but as a symbol for moving on, which, for some, is an important rite of passage in grief. 

Celtic Knots

Similar to the infinity symbol a Celtic knot never ends. The Celtic knot symbol represents unity and eternal spiritual life. The Celtic knot can be used as a symbol for miscarriage as it represents endless love and memory.

 celtic knot symbol of pregnancy loss


Not many people know this, but shells have often been used as symbols of peace, love, and fertility. 

Seashells are also hard and durable homes for sea creatures. As the creatures grow, they move on and find a bigger shell. For that reason, seashells show us that everything that comes through life, even if it is fleeting, can be beautiful. They also make for the perfect representation of protection and safety. 

Stars and Star Maps/Constellations

If you’re looking for a unique miscarriage tattoo that doesn’t speak obviously of what you have been through, getting a star sign or star map of the month of your angel baby’s birthday is a sweet emblem that will mean something to you without catching the eye of prying strangers. 


Padlocks are a symbol of eternal love. You may have seen love lock bridges in many places around the world, most notably the Pont des Arts in Paris. The concept is that two people who love each other write their names on the lock, attach it to the bridge, and then throw the key in the water. This act demonstrates eternal love that will last forever. 

This concept doesn’t only have to apply to couples; it can apply to parents who have lost a baby too. A padlock with your name and your baby’s name can also represent the eternal love that you feel for your angel baby.

Hearts and Interlinking Hearts

Two interlinking hearts are a simple symbol of miscarriage as it shows that no matter how much time passes, your heart and your angel baby’s heart will always be connected and their memory will never fade.

Two Hands Holding

Similar to two hearts interlinking, two hands holding represents that eternal bond that a mother and baby have. 

You may recall the famous renaissance painting, The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo. In this painting, God’s hand is touching Adam’s and symbolizes the creation of man. Two hands holding, or two hands touching, symbolizes rebirth and connection between 2 lives. 

For parents who are not ready to give up on their pregnancy journey, this would make for the ideal miscarriage symbol.

Miscarriage Ribbon Meaning 

Pregnancy loss is unfortunately common. It is said that one in four pregnancies will result in a miscarriage, and yet it is rarely talked about. 

Displaying a miscarriage symbol does not always have to be a sign to honor your loss, but also to raise awareness. 

So, is there a symbol for miscarriage? Yes, there is.
Parents who choose to raise awareness will often wear a blue and pink ribbon. The blue and pink ribbon symbolizes the loss of a baby, either by miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or SIDS.

dad tattoo of miscarriage ribbon

Displaying the pink and blue ribbon shows support to other parents who have gone through the same things and it expresses solidarity and encourgement during a difficult time.

Flowers that Represent Miscarriage

During times of grief, flowers are used as messages of hope and love. Each flower has a different symbolic meaning. 

Here we have listed some flowers that can be used as symbols of miscarriage or infant loss.


As a golden flower that blooms in the spring and then multiplies aggressively, a dandelion represents rebirth and the cycle of life. It is a symbol of strength for someone who has suffered a loss. 

miscarriage dandelions cherry blossoms forget-me-nots

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossoms have fleeting lives, and they only bloom for about two weeks a year. Because of their short life, they can be used as a symbol for miscarriage because they represent something that is beautiful despite its brief life.

Cherry Blossoms represent a time of renewal, and in Japanese culture, they symbolize mortality, mindfulness, and living in the present.


Forget-me-nots, as the name suggests, symbolize neverending love and remembrance. Giving someone these flowers represents a promise to always remember them and keep them in your prayers and thoughts. For this reason, they are often used as a symbol for grief and loss.

Animals that Symbolize Miscarriage

While grief is a terrible feeling, we are not the only living creatures on this planet to experience loss and grief. Animals can also feel sadness and show behaviors that mirror human grief. 

Some animals also show that while grief is natural, recovery is possible. These reasons make them an ideal symbol of pregnancy loss.


Elephants are one of the most noble animals in the animal kingdom. They are sacred in many cultures in Asia and Africa and represent loyalty, strength, wisdom, and luck.

Elephants have also been known to grieve for other elephants. For that reason, many parents get elephant miscarriage tattoos after suffering a loss as a way to represent their everlasting memory.


Doves have been a symbol of peace and love for many ages. Doves symbolize spirit messengers and represent hope, fertility, protection, and strength. Birds in flight also symbolize lost or departed souls.

Purple Butterflies

Spiritually, a purple butterfly represents a person who is on the path to Heaven or enlightenment. The purple butterfly has been used as a symbol of children who have “flown away” for many years.

Often when you see a purple butterfly in a hospital, it means that an infant has passed away there. The purple color is used because it is gender-neutral – meaning it can be a symbol for both boy and girl angel babies.


A dragonfly has different symbolic meanings in many cultures around the world. Most commonly, it represents change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. 

Because dragonflies live most of their life in an immature phase, and only fly for a small fraction of their life, they make an ideal symbol of miscarriage because they represent something that is transitory or fleeting.

They can also represent living life to the fullest and some parents use them to encourage themselves not to give up on their pregnancy journey.


Moths may not be the most beautiful-looking creatures, but the story of their lives is nothing if not beautiful.

Moths are attracted to the light, which represents a voyage towards Heaven. They teach us to look for light even in the thick of darkness, because they only come out at night but are drawn to light. For Native Americans, the moth symbolizes growth and rebirth.

Final Words

Whether you choose to honor your miscarriage through a tattoo or by displaying miscarriage art in your home, we hope that you have found a miscarriage symbol to bring you peace and comfort through this difficult time in your life.

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