miscarriage jewelry

18 Miscarriage Jewelry Ideas to Show You Care

This post is a collection of miscarriage necklaces, bracelets & rings to help you commemorate your loved and lost.

miscarriage jewelry

As someone who is familiar with giving and receiving miscarriage gifts, I know how hard it can be to find the right thing to gift someone who is grieving not only the loss of their baby but of all the hopes and dreams for the future that vanished along with them. 

Even the concept of giving a gift for a miscarriage can feel a bit odd because typically people give gifts to celebrate happy occasions (marriage, Christmas, graduation, birthdays). However, a miscarriage is about as polar opposite of a “joyous life event” as you can get. 

And yet, you want to be able to do something – anything – to let your friends or loved ones who are in the depths of this unspeakable loss know that you’re there for them. 

You want them to be able to cherish what memories they did have of their precious babe in a way that won’t always be painful. 

In a previous post, I shared several pregnancy loss gift ideas with you, but this time I’d like to focus on miscarriage jewelry for both moms and dads. 
These are all excellent pieces that bereaved parents can buy for themselves in baby’s remembrance or gift ideas for spouses, friends or family to use in this tough time.

There is something on this list for just about every sense of style. If not, viewing the following suggestions is likely to give you great ideas for locating the right piece of miscarriage jewelry. 

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Miscarriage Necklaces for Moms

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Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace-Miscarriage Keepsake-Angel Baby

First off, I love the touching poem in the description of this delicately beautiful pregnancy loss necklace. The woman who makes and sells this miscarriage jewelry has experienced one herself, so she made it her mission to help other moms commemorate their precious angels.

Each necklace pendant has the image of a baby, and you can customize it to match the gestational month at the time of loss.
You can also choose between two different chain lengths. 

Interlocking Rings Miscarriage Necklace

Three interlocking rings symbolize the eternal connection between a mother and her baby.

This miscarriage necklace actually comes in several different designs and finishes, so you can choose one that fits your friend or your personal style the best. Each chain also has an extender so the wearer can easily adjust the length. 

Mama to an Angel Miscarriage Necklace

If you’re searching for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for miscarriaged moms, this Mama to an Angel necklace is an attractive option.

The 14K white gold finished heart pendant is set with cubic zirconia crystals, and the adjustable chain is delicate yet durable. You can also select either a standard or luxury box to keep the necklace in. 

Love Knot Pregnancy Loss Necklace

The love knot pregnancy loss necklace for mothers is a gorgeous symbol of two lives that are forever entwined.

I like that the pendant itself is eye-catching but not too large. The gift box that the necklace comes in contains a heartfelt message for grieving parents, which I can appreciate because it’s not always easy for people to find the right thing to say.

Mama Of An Angel Necklace

This beautiful Mama of an Angel Necklace features a gorgeous angel pendant holding a single pearl that symbolizes the beloved child that was lost.

You can select a white, blue, pink, or green pearl for the angel to hold, and the sterling silver chain comes in two different lengths. This is a thoughtful gift for any grieving mother and a unique way to commemorate her angel in heaven. 

Miscarriage Bracelets for Moms

A Piece of My Heart Lives In Heaven Bracelet

miscarriage bracelet

Sometimes I’m hesitant to give miscarriage jewelry as a gift because I’m afraid it will tarnish or change color. I like that this eternity bracelet is made out of copper, so its quality won’t diminish over time.

The miscarriage bracelet is adjustable, and the message “A piece of my heart lives in heaven” is inscribed along the band. The simple design means that it can be worn with almost any outfit as well. 

Little Footsteps Bangle

Although not specifically designated as jewelry for pregnancy loss, this simple silver bangle bracelet has tiny feet inscribed on the charm to serve as a reminder of a baby’s precious life that was lost too soon.

The bangle comes in three different sizes, and the charm’s background is available in blue and pink. The pregnancy loss bracelet is lovingly handmade, and you can even include a handwritten note to be sent along with it.  

Your Wings Were Ready. My Heart Was Not. Bracelet

Many mothers who have suffered a miscarriage want something to remember their child by, but they may not necessarily want it to draw too much attention.

That’s why I like that this cuff bracelet has the message engraved on the inside of the band instead of the outside. It’s beautifully understated, and you can choose between silver, gold, or rose gold finishes that won’t tarnish over time. 

Pregnancy Loss Photo Memorial Bracelet

Photo memorial bracelets are another thoughtful piece of jewelry that allow moms to keep a meaningful picture or ultrasound close to them forever.

This handmade bangle bracelet commemorates your friend or loved one’s little angel in several different ways: with a message charm, a heart angel wing charm, a birthstone, and the photo pendant. The seller also personalizes the sonogram photo pendant, and you can choose between different message charms. 

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Miscarriage Rings for Mothers

Pandora Jewelry Sparkling Angel Wing Cubic Zirconia Ring

miscarriage ring

If your spouse, friend or loved one enjoys wearing rings as opposed to bracelets and necklaces, this Pandora Angel Wing ring is a gorgeous find. It’s both stunning and unassuming, and I like how detailed the wings are, as well as the beautiful cubic zirconia in the middle. It’s the perfect subtle reminder of mother’s little angel baby in Heaven. 

Mommy of an Angel Ring – Wrap Ring

I like the unique design of this pewter Mommy of an Angel wrap ring. It’s not flashy, but that means that the ring is also versatile enough to go along with almost any outfit. The band is adjustable and hypoallergenic, and the metal itself will not tarnish over time. The letters are stamped by hand into the pewter, which adds to the ring’s handmade look. 

Miscarriage Angel Wing Ring 

Two hearts surrounded by a pair of angel’s wings are inscribed on this stainless steel stacking ring. It’s very subtle in design, but that could be exactly what the mom desires.

Sometimes when someone experiences a miscarriage, they don’t want to talk about it with every person they meet. However, they still want to carry something to remember their baby. That’s what’s so nice about this particular ring. 

TINY Stacking Birthstone Ring

If you’re searching for an ultra-minimalist miscarriage ring for moms, this is it. The delicate band contains a single tiny birthstone to commemorate baby’s due date or when they were delivered.

If the mother has suffered multiple losses, consider purchasing a ring for each child, as they stack neatly together. 

Miscarriage Necklaces for Fathers

Baby Footprint Necklace

This handmade leather miscarriage necklace for dads is a simple way to show your love and support for the grieving father.

The custom pendant features the baby’s actual footprints (if possible for you to retrieve), and the seller hand-pours the resin to create an unbreakable, waterproof seal over the image. This is an ideal miscarriage gift for dads, simple and understated.

Dad of an Angel Miscarriage Necklace

The Dad of an Angel miscarriage necklace hangs on a plain silver chain and carries the message on a simple round pendant.

The father can wear this underneath his shirt to keep the memory of his child close to his heart, and you can also have the seller engrave the baby’s due date or delivery date on the back of the pendant. 

Miscarriage Bracelets for Dad

Miscarriage Gift For Dad, Baby Footprint Bracelet

This braided faux leather miscarriage bracelet for dads is sophisticated without calling too much attention to itself.

The adjustable band is made from recycled materials and comes in various colors. You can have generic footprints engraved on the metal or the actual footprints (if you have a copy of them). The stainless steel clasps are customizable, and the pregnancy bracelet itself is made to order. 

Men’s Morse Code Bracelet Always In My Heart Bracelet

Morse code bracelets are a popular bereavement gift for dads, and I like that it’s almost like a secret message that no one else needs to know about.

You can choose either a single strand for a more discreet look or a double strand that complements the one containing the Morse code message. Each miscarriage bracelet for dads features high-quality Miyuki and hematite beads. 

Daddy of an Angel Miscarriage Watch

A watch is also a practical piece of miscarriage jewelry for men, and this one makes a stylish and heartfelt gift.

The black chronograph watch has a customizable metal plate to commemorate the baby’s name and birth date, and it is water-resistant and scratch-proof to last many years to come. 

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I hope these ideas have inspired you to commemorate your baby with miscarriage jewelry or if you are a friend or family member, inspired you to send a gift to comfort someone you care about. They will truly appreciate this gesture and the opportunity to keep the memory of their little one alive. 

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