17 Heartfelt Miscarriage Gifts for Moms and Dads

miscarriage gifts

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It can be difficult to find the right words to say to a loved one who has had a miscarriage. Most of the time, I think people believe there is nothing they can say to ease that person’s grief and pain. 

In a sense, this is true. Nothing you can say will bring back their precious sweet baby. 

However, speaking from the perspective of someone who has had multiple miscarriages, even the smallest gesture can mean so much to a grieving family. There were many times when I felt completely and utterly alone in my sorrow. It was incredibly isolating. 

During those dark times, one of the things that really helped me was when someone just reached out, either with a phone call, sending a card, or by giving a thoughtful miscarriage gift. 

There are several miscarriage gifts that have truly comforted both my husband and I, and they weren’t anything big or flashy. Instead, they were given in simple remembrance of the little life we lost. 

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If you’re searching for a gift for someone who miscarried but don’t know where to start, I’ve put together a list of ideas you can draw from to help you send comfort to a loved one who is hurting right now. 

It’s very true that actions speak louder than words, and you’ll never know how much your kindness impacts the life of a loved one who is hurting.  


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These gift suggestions for miscarriage mommys celebrate and remember baby’s life, no matter how brief their time on earth was.

One thing I recommend keeping in mind when selecting jewelry as a miscarriage gift is to choose something minimalist in design. After all, the piece that commemorates a miscarried baby should be a gentle reminder for the mother and not a conversation piece for others. 

1. Mama to an Angel Miscarriage Necklace

mama to an angel necklace
Click to shop this gift from Etsy Shop – PinkCarnationDesign

This beautiful miscarriage birthstone necklace is elegant yet understated. I like that you can customize the stone and add the baby’s initials to the heart charm. There are multiple styles and finish options, and you can even select additional charms and stones if the person receiving the necklace has had several miscarriages. 

2. Heartbeat Sound Wave Wall Art

babys heartbeat soundwave art
Click to shop this gift from Etsy Shop – RustyBarnCompany

Sometimes a miscarriage gift just needs to acknowledge baby’s individuality and life on this earth, no matter how brief it happened to be. You can do that by forever capturing the one sound mom might have heard from the baby – it’s heartbeat.

This framed sound wave of baby’s heartbeat even includes a QR code so that it can be scanned onto the phone.

3. Angel Feather Glass Vial

white feather in vial
Click to shop this gift from Etsy Shop – TheLonelyHeartCo

Just like each and every baby, feathers are unique, delicate and precious. An angel feather is placed inside each glass vial to remind your friend or relative of the fact that their angel baby is forever cherished. 

4. Customized Miscarriage Keepsake 

angel wing keepsake
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – RestEasyChild

A tiny pair of angel wings graces this heartfelt bereavement gift for mothers.
You can customize the simple plaque in several different ways, including the baby’s name, birth/death date, and a sympathy note. You can choose between two different sizes as well. 

5. Sympathy Quote Wind Chime

wind chime with miscarriage quote
Click to shop this gift from Amazon

With every shift of the wind, your loved ones will hear a soothing and melodious reminder of their baby from this wind chime. The included pendant says “Your wings were ready but our hearts were not” and it is a beautiful decoration for their garden, yard or porch.

6. Pregnancy Loss Sympathy Bracelet

sympathy bracelets
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – laureldenise

This minimalist handmade bracelet by Laurel Denise is a subtly understated alternative to a necklace. You can choose from multiple colors and phrases to match the person you’re buying it for. The bracelet is also very durable, and the thin strap won’t get in the way of everyday activities. 


People naturally think about the mother when they think of miscarriage, but it’s important to remember that the father is also experiencing his own share of grief.

So here are some thoughtful miscarriage gifts ideas for dads to let him know that he’s in your thoughts and prayers. 

7. Forget Me Not Seed Wallet Coin

forget me not seed for miscarriage dads
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – MaybunAndBehr

Sometimes the most significant gestures of sympathy and support come in the smallest of sizes. A Forget Me Not wallet coin is the ideal miscarriage gift for dads, especially ones who don’t tend to wear much jewelry. Each durable stainless steel disc contains a single Forget-Me-Not seed to commemorate the precious life that was lost in this life but always present in our memory. 

8. Paracord Bracelet

daddy of an angel cord bracelet
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – MetamorphosisDS

Traditionally used by the military, paracord is incredibly durable, and an excellent option for this masculine take on a miscarriage bracelet. You can customize the rectangular pendant in several different ways: with the phrase “Daddy of an Angel” or your baby’s name, as well as your baby’s footprints. This is an excellent option for dads who have served in the military as well. 

9. Daddy Of An Angel Keychain

daddy of an angel keychain
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – NatureLeatherKeys

A personalized “Daddy of an Angel” leather keychain is a miscarriage gift that’s both a subtle memento and useful as well. You can choose from multiple rich colors and engraving options, and the carefully crafted leather softens and ages over time.

10. Dad of an Angel Cross Necklace

cross necklace
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – TrueLifeSam

A stainless steel cross necklace is another thoughtful miscarriage gift for dad. Although the necklace itself can’t be customized, the gift box has a kindly worded message of hope and encouragement for grieving parents. The handmade chain and cross can easily be worn under a shirt and could also work well as a bereavement gift for moms. 

11. Infant Loss Remembrance Coin

pocket miscarriage gift for daddys
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – TiffysLove

If you’re looking for a small miscarriage gift for dad that he can carry with him wherever he goes, this infant loss remembrance coin is a thoughtful gesture to let him know you care.

You can choose to have the handmade token laser engraved with the father’s name or leave it as “Daddy,” and the coin also has a tiny pair of baby feet along with a sweet message. It is something that he can put in his pocket and run his hands over whenever he thinks about his angel baby.

12. Angel Dad Line Art Print

daddy and angel baby line art
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – LianaLaneArt

This beautiful line art print of a dad holding his angel baby is a heartwarming miscarriage gift, and I love the minimalist design. It’s the perfect size to hang in an office area or den, and it complements almost every type of frame. 


13. Engraved Miscarry Keepsake Box

pregnancy keepsake box
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – EngraveMyMemories

Give your friend or loved ones a place to put cherished sonograms, baby clothes, and other keepsakes intended for their little one. These miscarriage keepsake boxes come in a variety of attractive finishes, and you have multiple design and engraving options.

14. Miscarriage Ornament

miscarriage ornament
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – ThePinkOwlDesigns

Suffering a miscarriage around the holidays can be especially difficult, and it’s hard to know what to do or say in a season when everyone is supposed to be merry and cheerful. A miscarriage ornament is a touching gift for parents who have experienced a miscarriage, and it’s something they can cherish each and every Christmas. 

15. Sonogram Picture Frame

miscarriage sonogram frame for family gift
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – 28Collective

I love the design of this ultrasound frame. It is engraved with the quote “Planted on earth, to bloom in heaven” and holds a 4×6 photo. Now, every time your friend or loved one looks at the picture, they can remember the life of their baby in heaven. 

16. Palm of His Hand Garden Statue

garden figurine of a sleeping baby
Click to shop this gift from Amazon

This statue of a large hand cradling a newborn baby is a tender reminder that your baby safely rests with God. Not only can it be used as decor for a garden or lawn, it can be placed on baby’s grave in memoriam.

17. Jesus Christ and Family Portrait

jesus holding miscarriage baby portrait
Click to shop this gift from Etsy shop – EmmaStudioss

This is a beautiful Christian gift idea for those who have gone through a miscarriage but wish to visualize their whole family together. To customize this portrait, you will need to send in a family picture of whoever you want drawn next to Christ. You also have the option of choosing different blanket colors.

It’s challenging to find the right words to say to someone you care about who has had a miscarriage but don’t let that prevent you from showing them you care. 

I hope these miscarriage gifts have given you inspiration for how to reach out lovingly and comfort those you love who are grieving from the loss of their little one. 

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