25 Best Recovery Items to Put in a Care Package for Miscarriage

This post is all about what to put in a care package for miscarriage moms and dads.

care package for miscarriage

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If you know someone who has gone through a pregnancy loss, it can be hard to know what to do or what to say to that person. 

The first thing to remember is that the most meaningful gift that you can give a friend during these troubled times is your time, presence, support and prayers. The thought truly is what counts.

However, sending a care package to someone who has had a miscarriage is a thoughtful gesture that goes the extra mile in showing your love and support. 


While a gift is usually one item, a care package is made up of multiple things housed in one single basket, box or container.

It is normally created to meet several different needs that a person might have in whatever situation you are giving it for.

If you wish to send a care package for miscarriage, it can be hard to figure out what to include. While it is the thought that counts, some things are more useful (and meaningful) than others.

In this guide, you will find 25 ideas of things to include in a comforting care package for miscarriage.

Some of these suggestions are ready-made care packages that you can send as is.

Others are ideas for what to include into a homemade care package, because if you don’t mind a little DIY, nothing says ‘thinking of you’ more than a kit that you’ve pieced together one item at a time.

Miscarriage Care Packages for Mom

A miscarriage care package for moms who have lost a pregnancy is a gentle way to encourage and help her to take care of herself while grieving.
When putting together a pregnancy-loss care package, it’s important to think about mom’s physical recovery as well as her emotional recovery.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for doing just that.

Miscarriage Recovery Supplies

The first thing to consider when creating a miscarriage care package for mom is what she will need to physically cope during this time.

Remember to be considerate!

Depending on how close you are to the miscarriaged parents, some of these items may not be appropriate for you to gift. They may not even be needed depending on when you learn of the pregnancy loss.

However, if you are a close friend or partner to a miscarriage mommy, these are some of the most thoughtful items that you can include in a care package.

1. Absorbent Pads or Absorbent Underwear

The bleeding after a miscarriage can be much more intense than that of a typical period. It may also last longer and contain clots. This means that moms usual period supplies may not do the trick.

This is why absorbent pads or underwear are a good first thought when it comes to her care package. The last thing she needs to worry about is bleeding without adequate protection.

For a pad that offers maximum coverage, I personally recommend the Always Maxi Pads (Size 5) with Wings. They are easily found at grocery stores and can be ordered online.

Always (and other companies) also make disposable leak-proof underwear for women experiencing extremely heavy flow. They can be worn as a backup to a pad or worn by themselves.

2. Hydration

It’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. All that blood loss can lead to dehydration which can make her feel even more tired and worn down.

Encourage adequate hydration by making sure that she is properly stocked with water and other low-sugar beverages. If she is already someone that has all of these things, emphasize the importance of staying hydrated with a fun water bottle like this fruit infuser bottle.

2b. Therapeutic Tea

Speaking of hydration, Pink Stork has actually developed what they call a “Miscarriage Recovery Tea”.

It contains organic red raspberry leaf, hibiscus, lady’s mantle, motherwort, cramp bark and yarrow which they say supports uterine recovery as well as hormone and mood stabilization.

Now, in no way shape or form can miscarriagemommy.com endorse this tea or any of its therapeutic claims (we haven’t tried it!), however, lots of positive reviews testify of its usefulness.
As such, it may be a good addition to this care package.

3. Something for Pain & Cramping

A heating pad and/or pain medication can also be added to the package to help her cope with cramps and pain.

4. Specimen Cup

In some situations, mom may want to save the miscarriage tissue for testing or for burial.
In this case, a collection cup might be a thoughtful addition to the care package.

Ready-Made Care Packages for Emotional Healing

When you don’t know what to say to comfort her, you can let one of these pre-packaged care package do the talking.
All of the following ideas communicate the same thing: “I’m thinking of you and sending you healing and encouragement.”

tip: Add a personal touch by adding a hand-written card and/or a sympathy gift tag.
  1. Lavender Butterfly Bereavement Box

The lavender butterfly box was created specifically for grieving mothers and includes many considerate choices for a miscarriage care package. 

Inside, you will find a butterfly bookmark, a book on grief (2 options to choose from), handmade lavender eye pillow, butterfly bracelet, handmade crochet heart, journal, lavender bath bomb and soap, fuzzy socks, a mug with herbal tea with honey dipper, and of course, a sympathy card with a message of your choice.

Best of all, for every purchase, a Butterfly Baskets comfort basket is donated to another woman experiencing pregnancy or baby loss in the hospital. So, you are blessing more than one mommy at the same time! 

  1. This ‘You Are Loved’ Self Care Spa Package

Few things are more pacifying than a body care spa kit. This lovely set will remind your loved one to take some time to themselves. 

There are two packages to choose from here: small and large.

  • The small package comes with a soy candle, bath bomb, organic lip balm, shea butter body lotion, a pretty agate stone and a personalized card with your message.
  • The large package comes with all of this plus a naturally scented soap bar and soothing Epsom salts or calming body oil.
  1. Sympathy Candle Gift Box

A sympathy candle is a great gift idea because it represents peace and calmness.

This sympathy box, which contains an aromatherapeutic soy candle, a live succulent, handmade soap, fibrous loofah and a sympathy card with your message on the back, is a soothing care package idea. 

  1. A Sweet Treats Gift Basket

A comforting care package doesn’t always have to come in the form of soaps and pampering items.

Sometimes, a curated basket of chocolates, popcorn, and other novelty treats is just what the soul needs.
Adding a personal message goes a long way towards making this gift more heartfelt.

  1. Grow a Flower Grief Care Box

Sometimes the best care package comes in the form of something that helps to honor the memory of their loved one.

A blooming flower is a symbol of strength, metamorphosis, and memory. It also represents a love that will continue to grow.

This flower grief box comes with a personalized clay planter pot, a pinewood box, a cotton bag of premium soil and stones, a custom-infused vial of water, and an envelope containing wildflowers or herb seeds, which can be planted in the customized plant pot.

  1. Lavender Spa Gift Set

Because lavender is such a soothing scent, it makes for a very heartwarming care package.

This luxury gift box comes with 15 lavender bath and spa goodies; your loved one will have plenty of soothing, aromatherapeutic items to pamper themselves with.

Ideas for Homemade Care Packages

If you’d rather put together your own care box for a miscarriaged mom, here are a couple of comforting yet therapeutic items that will perfectly compliment what you already have.

  1. A ‘Here For You’ Blanket

Nothing says comfort more than a snuggly blanket with a heart-warming message.

This high quality, super soft blanket with the message “Here for you” embroidered on it is a beautiful way to convey your support to someone who has miscarried. While it is an uplifting gift to include in a care package for mom, it’s also a gender-neutral token of love for dads too.

  1. Scent Diffuser and Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy oils help to calm the senses, reduce stress and make one feel relaxed. While it will in no way get rid of grief, the smells can release a sense of calmness and serenity that can be soothing to those in emotional turmoil. 

In fact, putting together a whole care package of aromatherapy oils is a really thoughtful gift to send to anyone you know that is going through a hard time. Lavender and jasmine oils are the ideal scents to help someone feel relaxed.

Grief Care Packages for Dad

Dads are often not consoled in the same way that mothers are, but we should not forget that they are grieving parents too.

If you want to send a thoughtful care package to a dad that has lost a child, here are some ideas for items to include: 

  1. Morse Code Memorial Bracelet

This subtle and elegantly made leather bracelet is a small token to show dad some support and help him honor his angel baby.

It says “Daddy of an Angel” in morse code, making it a personal and intimate treasure that won’t catch the unwanted attention of others.

If you want to add a little keepsake to dad’s care package, this would be an ideal choice.

  1. A Journal for Writing Memories

It can be difficult to put into words how you feel sometimes, especially out loud.

Dads should be encouraged to talk about their feelings of loss and grief, but if they are a more private type, this memory journal is an ideal gift for a care package because it reminds them to take care of their mental health too.

This journal includes emotional support + grief worksheets, mood trackers, worksheets for special and also difficult days, quotes, prompts, devotionals and more. All of these create an environment where he can open up about his feelings and be vulnerable with no boundaries. 

tip: Print & add this free PDF of grief journal prompts.
  1. A Remembrance Keychain

While keychains are not always the best gift ideas in the world, I really like this remembrance keychain because of the heartwarming message and the baby foot charm that comes with it.

It’s small and subtle, making it an ideal little keepsake to include in a care package for dads who are grieving.

  1. A Book About Loss and Grief

It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand is a highly-rated and popular self-help book by Megan Devine. She is a therapist that shares her wisdom and personal experience with grief.

This book is written for those who are currently grieving and offers thoughts and unique insight on living with grief. 

  1. Variety Basket of Snacks

If you are ever stuck for choice, a variety of snacks can be a comforting way to show someone that you are thinking of them.

It is simple, but sometimes the simplest of thoughts counts the most. A care package of snacks is a small gesture that will make a big difference.

  1. Walmart Gift Card

The true essence of a care package is meeting someone’s need while they are going through something.

Well, when there is so much pain going on in someone’s life, sometimes going to the store and picking up essential items gets overlooked. Adding a gift card to Walmart (or their favorite grocery store) to your care package is a helpful way to encourage their wellbeing.

  1. Order Their Groceries 

Or maybe skip the gift card altogether, grab their grocery list and bring them a bag of groceries!

The most impactful care package for miscarriage doesn’t come in the form of keychains or books. It comes as meeting the basic essentials needed for everyday life. Whether it’s a tube of toothpaste or some dog food, picking up the basics for dads who are grieving so that they can focus on healing is the most thoughtful gift you could ever give. 

Personalized Care Packages for a Grieving Friend

A personalized miscarriage care package goes beyond showing your loved one that you are thinking about them.
By commemorating their baby’s memory, you are validating their grief and acknowledging the value of that specific life.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of customizable gifts that you can use to create a care package that really shows you care.

  1. Personalized Memorial Candle (with Keepsake Token Inside)

A very unique item to add to your care package is this beautiful memorial candle that says “I carried you every second of your life and I will love you for every second of mine”. You have the choice to add baby’s name and due date, so that they can be remembered and honored whenever this candle is lit.

Lastly, the candle includes a charm of your choice embedded in the wax which becomes visible as the wax burns down. So, even as the candle is used up, they will have a keepsake to cherish forever.

  1. Build Your Own Bereavement Box

The owner of this Etsy shop is a miscarriage mommy herself. After receiving a miscarriage support gift, she started to offer the service of making them for other people.

The RainflowersShop lets you choose 5 items from a long list. Then, you can add a custom sympathy card with your own message.

  1. Forget Me Not Pendant Necklace + Wildflower Seeds

I just adore this care package idea.

The theme of this gift box is “Forget Me Nots” to symbolize the lasting bond with your friend and their heaven baby.
It includes a circle pendant necklace engraved with a flower, a sticker and floral seeded paper that is to be planted & watered so that wildflowers can grow in loving memory of baby. I love that!

  1. Memorial Necklace with Birthstone

This pregnancy loss necklace features a touching memorial quote and is personalized with the name, birthstone of the child they lost and angel wing charm. It’s a very personal and beautiful gift to include in a care package.

Not only does it preserve the memory of their child, it keeps the thought of your love close to their heart.

  1. Personalized Remembrance Box

When someone goes through a pregnancy loss, one of the worst feelings is coming to terms with the loss of a future they had been planning for.

This is why you should consider putting your care package inside this personalized remembrance box. Because that way, they can keep the box as well as the items that remind them of their child, which effectively keeps the memories they have, safe.

  1. A Custom Memorial Wind Chime

This is a care package gift that everyone at home can experience.

This personalized wind chime includes a sail that reads “Planted on Earth to Bloom in Heaven.” Every time the wind blows and your loved ones hear the soothing chimes, they will be reminded of their sweet angel baby.

Supporting Someone Who Has Lost a Baby

We hope this list of miscarriage care package ideas has helped you to come up with a list of things to put together for someone that is grieving the loss of a pregnancy. 

Remember that no matter what you get them, the greatest gift that you can ever give someone with a broken heart is your presence, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

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